Efficiently hands-on.
Thoughtfully enthusiastic.

D-iD is a boutique design studio run by a husband and wife team. As a strong creative duo, we focus in close to every material - and often magical - detail of a project. The breadth of our expertise reaches from boat design and hand-finished carpentry to high-end interior, fashion and textile design.

Our definition of luxury is richly nuanced design. It’s the creation of ingenious and inhabitable works of art. And taste always transcends trends.

D-iD Studio in Winchester, UK, Kate and Dimitris Hadjidimos

Creativity balanced by sound construction

The breadth of our expertise is evident in the final outcome. From the sensual to the structural, we have a thorough understanding of materials and the practicalities necessary to this field of design.

Without the distraction of a large agency to run, we work quickly and cleanly. We think deeply about the identity and practicality of every design detail, putting our hearts and souls into everything we do. Intelligent design is our life, and we enjoy working closely with clients to share this passion.

We are passionate about the process of designing and are excited to share the possibilities with you.

Kate and Dimitris Hadjidimos  


D-iD are proud members of Superyacht UK


Great Britain’s impressive superyacht capability is advocated by Superyacht UK, which additionally draws on the resources of the 1500 member British Marine trade organisation, founded in 1913, of which we are a part.

Founded on decades of craftsmanship and innovation, our members are at the forefront of superyacht development, from naval architecture, design and engineering, through all the many skills necessary to see a superyacht into service and effectively managed and supported throughout its service life. 

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