What we do

Inspired by clients

We tell a story, a very individual story of a person, a building/vessel or the history surrounding them, through bespoke, luxury interiors. Taking a holistic approach from the beginning, allows a core design identity to influence every area of the living spaces.


Designed by experts

By listening to clients, developing the design ideas and ideals of the project, we can build a picture of the final outcome. And then tell this story through space, hand crafted materials, details, bespoke furniture and the human factor- Does this feel good?


Built for living

To make a difference, an improvement on a person’s life, to bring joy in their surroundings and a personal practicality that is unique. To give an individual a sense of belonging, a centre to gravitate back to, a space that fits – like a savile row suit or a couture gown, it touches in the right areas and leaves space to breathe in others, all the time being a unique, well thought out, item of beauty.

Set up Dimitris and Kate Hadjidimos, D-iD are passionate about design and bringing the best of it to our clients.

Dimitris Hadjidimos trained as a carpenter in Germany, before studying design in England. He won the Royal Society of Art competition for his first yacht interior before graduating. Designing production boats before moving into super yachts, Dimitris has designed and project managed several super yachts in the last 15 years, ranging from 34m to 155m.

Kate Hadjidimos studied and worked in fashion design, creating print and textile designs for many well known brands. Knowledge of trends, colours and fabric construction was key, when Kate was invited to create a new fabric collection for a shipyard. After establishing her own business, D-iD now benefits from both her creative and business experience.

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